Sygma child school  

Brief description and main aims
The Sygma Child School is a private school that takes 350 children from 6 months up to 12 years old. The school was founded in 2007 with the aim of taking care of the children younger than 6 years old, but after the requests of parents, the older kids were allowed to attend as well. So the school is always growing. Children have only one opportunity for good education. The partners (parents, home and the school) educate our children in our care to help them become competent and confident learners.

Main Activities
We enable the children to play and work independently and yet be able to share and cooperate with others. Also teach them the sense of respect and self confidence yet be aware of the needs of others. We give the children the knowledge of skills and practical activities. We make them aware to respect different customs and culture. To teach the children to communicate effectively through speech, music art and sport.

Volunteer tasks
  • Volunteers will have the opportunity to undergo basic child care with the qualified Staff in the project.
  • To assist with teaching Aids for Crèche, Nursery and Kindergarten. E.g. Numbers /Alphabets / Music.
  • Volunteers will assist teachers in preparation for classes and also participate in school programmes.
  • Organizing sporting activities (Occasional)

  • Volunteer requirements / Skills
  • The Volunteers should be motivated to work with children, be able to work independent and to bring Enthusiasm and motivation to the project.
  • The volunteers should be able to speak English or FRENCH
  • He/she must be Creative and Spontaneous
  • The school is environmental friendly and as such the Volunteer should be open or have an ecological attitude.
  • Your working language is simply English! To make it easy to handle the children.

  • Accommodation
    The School will provide accommodation for the volunteers .

    Contact Info

    ICYE P. M. B Accra North, Millinium Estate Kasoa,
    +233 243126118

    How we work at ICYE GHANA

    ICYE is a Federation of Full and Associate Member National Committees. National Committees are autonomous. They develop and run the program according to the needs of the youth of their countries, and following policies and guidelines prepared and adopted by the General Assembly of the Federation. 

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