Royal school complex  

Royal  School  Complex

Brief description and main aims
Royal school Complex Is located in Breman Kuntanase in the Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa district in the central region of Ghana. The school provides affordable basic education to the children in the community and admits from nursery to primary 6. The population of the school is 332.

Volunteer Tasks
  • Supporting Teachers in class room
  • Taking care of children during break time
  • Helping Children to eat especially the little ones who cannot feed themselves
  • Engaging the children in their extra co-curricular activities

  • Volunteer Requirements / Skills
    The volunteer should be someone who can speak, read, write and understand the English language. The volunteer can be of any gender and must be 18 years and above.

    Breman Kuntanase is the fourth biggest town in the district of Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa. It has a population of eleven thousand peoples. The name of the festival of the community is Aboakyire meaning hunting of wild animal. The people in the community are predominantly peasant farmers with few formal sector workers and petty traders. Their main source of fuel for cooking is firewood. About 95% of the entire community population uses firewood in cooking. The people are friendly and very hospitable. Many kinds of foods such as fufu, red red, konkonte, banku, fante kenkey, apreprensa, and many more.

    Volunteers will be living with a host family in the community. Volunteers should also bear in mind that they will be sharing a room with other volunteers.

    Contact Info

    ICYE P. M. B Accra North, Millinium Estate Kasoa,
    +233 243126118

    How we work at ICYE GHANA

    ICYE is a Federation of Full and Associate Member National Committees. National Committees are autonomous. They develop and run the program according to the needs of the youth of their countries, and following policies and guidelines prepared and adopted by the General Assembly of the Federation. 

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