Nation builders school and ophanage  


It is a NGO founded after charity motivation. It hosts 17 orphans and half-orphans, from which some were picked up from the streets. The so-called half-orphans have one living parent, who cannot provide even for him/herself, so they rather give it to the care of the orphanage. That is how the children receive a home, regular nutrition and health care.

Main Activities The day begins with the kids getting ready for their school and ends when they go to bed at night. The orphanage provides education, food, leisure activities and anything else that the children might need.

Volunteer tasks To support the "House Mother", teach in the school, take care of the children, assisting mother at the market. To help in the kitchen, help the children with their homework, help wash clothes, play with the children, organise leisure activities (sport competitions). Any extra knowledge that the volunteer can teach or any activity they want to develop is accepted (after approval of the staff).

Volunteer requirements / Skills
This organization has no special requirements for volunteers. However volunteer who have passion to support development of orphans are welcome. Preferably volunteers should be able to interact in English.


Hosting Situation (Board & Lodging)
Volunteers will stay in the project.

Contact Info

ICYE P. M. B Accra North, Millinium Estate Kasoa,
+233 243126118

How we work at ICYE GHANA

ICYE is a Federation of Full and Associate Member National Committees. National Committees are autonomous. They develop and run the program according to the needs of the youth of their countries, and following policies and guidelines prepared and adopted by the General Assembly of the Federation. 

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