Christ love educational complex  

Christ is love

Brief description and main aims

Christ Love educational complex is a private School in Dompoase, which is a small village in the southeast of Kumasi. The School admits pupils from 6months to 16 years. It provides primary education to these Children that is from Crèche to Junior high school and has a population of 750 pupils.

The school seeks to expose the children to different people with different socio-cultural backgrounds to develop their understanding of other people and their interpersonal relations and team spirit.
Such Interactions can also boost inter-cultural exchanges, experience and ideas sharing between the volunteers and the school community.

Volunteer tasks
  • Assisting the teacher in the classroom.
  • Taking care of the children.
  • Playing with the children and keeping them safe.
  • Helping to prepare snacks for the children during break time.
  • Helping student who needs special care or attention in some related subject class.
  • Helping also to tidy up the School compound.
  • Providing counseling to the youth of the school.

    Volunteers should be motivated to work with Children and should be Fluent be able to express him/herself English.


    The school will provide all volunteers with accommodation and meals

    Contact Info

    ICYE P. M. B Accra North, Millinium Estate Kasoa,
    +233 243126118

    How we work at ICYE GHANA

    ICYE is a Federation of Full and Associate Member National Committees. National Committees are autonomous. They develop and run the program according to the needs of the youth of their countries, and following policies and guidelines prepared and adopted by the General Assembly of the Federation. 

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