St. Jude clinic

St. Jude clinic which has 20 - bed clinic with a LABORATORY, A PHARMACY, MATERNITY WARD, MALE AND FEMALE WARD as well as CHILDREN WARD is located at Kasoa America down .

Nursing / medical student volunteers may be asked to work in the antenatal/postnatal maternity section of the facility .they would be expected to assist with administrative duties as well, be it updating patients files or recording of current medical data etc. The scope of a nursing/medical student's experience at this facility is vast and he/she could not only enhance their medical knowledge but also provide assistance in a very worthwhile endeavor.

Main Activities

Family Birthing Centre
Assists nurses and maid –wife at the Family Birthing Centre in care of Family Birthing Centre patients and in maintenance of the unit. Runs errands as needed to: Laboratory, Pharmacy, Mailroom, Central Supply, copy centre, and performs other duties as assigned.

GI/Endoscopy Patient Service
Assists nurses where necessary in the care and maintenance of GI unit. Under the direction of the RN, reviews patient schedule and readies patient beds for procedures. Assists with discharging patient.

Main Lobby Information Desk Volunteer assists visitors with patient location Receives and dispatches calls from Admitting and Nursing for patient admissions and discharges.

Volunteer requirements / Skills
St. Jude is a private clinic and it has no special requirements for volunteers. However volunteer who have passion to support / Assist the clinic is always welcome.
A nursing/medical student volunteer would be expected to assist the nursing staff with their duties in the general wards of the facility. Student nurses with previous delivery room experience may be asked to. Preferably volunteers should be able to interact in English and Opening minded and willing to receive people of all ages.

Location - Nyanyano road , Kasoa American down , central region .

The hospital will provide accommodation for the volunteers outside the project