ICYEGhana has the following programes Long Term Volunteering in abroad for a year. Medium Term Volunteering for six months. Short Term Volunteering for three month in abroad.

All exchangees coming to Ghana are required to have a valid passport and a visa. The visa must be applied for in the nearest Ghana Embassy or Consulate and this must be done before 31st May each year in order to avoid delays. Exchangees will have to apply for an ENTRY VISA (not a one year visa). On your arrival to Ghana, you will be given 60 days extension at the airport. ICYE GHANA will collect your passports, you will be given an extension form to be filled at the orientation camp, support letters from the ICYE GHANA office and the work placements. Exchangees are required to provide 8 passport size photographs to be affixed to the forms supplied by the Immigration Service. ICYE –GHANA will then submit the forms on behalf of the exchangees. This may take 3-4 months due to the bureaucratic system it goes through. Exchangees are advised to make photocopies of their passports in order to help them change their traveler’s cheques when their passports are with the immigration. Some banks do not accept the photocopies of passports. Exchangees are responsible for the payment of the extension permit. The cost of extension is approximately 29 U.S dollars per month for the extension. ICYE Ghana will facilitate in the acquisition of visa,work placement,host family and contact person and the insurance for the stay of exchangees. All exchangees are insured against accidents and sickness. Please read your insurance manual given to you. Hospitals will be identified for exchangees to visit should they fall sick.

On the other hand,ICYE Ghana sends volunteers from Ghana to about forty(40) countries to exhibit their skills and learn other cultures as well.Outgoing volunteers from Ghana to abroad must have a valid passport .Also he/she should be between the ages of eighteen (18) tothirty (30) years.No special requirements is needed but atleast should be able to speak,understand and write the english language. Also should be able to work as a team.All visa process will be taken care of by the ICYE Office with the support of the hosting countries.