Light House School

THE LIGHT HOUSE MISSION SCHOOL is a place provided for academic excellence in education and support to all children so that they can learn, develop better life in future and a better dream for themselves. The children, look up to their teachers and role models to help them develop confidence, a strong pride, to make them work harder and lead good lives through their academic achievement and also be responsible citizen.


- Volunteers will have the opportunity to undergo basic childcare with the qualified Staff in the project.
- They will assist with teaching Aids for Crèche, Nursery and Kindergarten. (e.g.: Numbers/Alphabet/ Music.)
- Volunteers will assist teachers in preparation for classes, Assist teaching and care. Also to participate in school programmes.
- They will help to organize sporting activities (Occasional)
- Attending training programme (Occasional)
- Taking care of the children.
- Playing with the children and keeping them safe.
- Helping to prepare snakes for the children during break time
- Helping student who need special care or attention in some related subject class.
- And helping to tidy up the School compound.


The Volunteers should be motivated to work with children, be able to work independent and to bring Enthusiasm and motivation to the project.
The volunteers should be able to speak English or French.
He/she must be creativity, being spontaneous, or to have a musical sense also more than welcome.
As we run the school and the kindergarten environmental friendly, you should be open or have an ecological attitude.
Your working language is simply English! Or French to make it easy to handle the children.

LOCATION: OFFINSO, in the Ashanti Region


The volunteer should be matured, open minded and a team player. Above all the volunteer should have patience or be willing to adopt to certain Ghanaian culture systems during his or her stay.

Accommodation: stay with a host family.