It aims is to provide excellence in education and support to all children at the school so that they can learn, develop a strong pride, work hard, and lead good lives through academic achievement and responsible citizenship. The school seeks to expose the children to different people with different socio-cultural backgrounds to develop their understanding of other people and their interpersonal relations and team spirit. Such interactions can also boost inter-cultural exchanges, experience and ideas sharing between the volunteers and the school community.

Main Activities

We enable the children to play and work independently and yet be able to share and cooperate with others. Also teach them the sense of respect and self confidence yet be aware of the needs of others. We give the children the knowledge of skills and practical activities. We make them aware and respect different customs and culture.

Volunteer tasks

Volunteers are involved in the school and in the kindergarten activities. Responsibilities in the School would be most based on the skill or the talent of the volunteers. Although there is a laid down programme for the school, volunteers are encourage to initiate there our programmes as part of educational exchange with the local teacher and other staff members. The project uses English or speaks English during school section. It would be much appreciated or a plus for volunteers who speaks French.

Below are some of the activities for the volunteers

- Playing with the children and keeping them safe, while being together with them
- Helping to prepare snacks for the children
- Helping to keep the group tidy
- Engaged them in sporting activities

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The School is interested in hosting an English volunteer. The volunteer should be motivated to work with children, be able to work independent and to bring Enthusiasm and motivation to the project. The volunteer should be able to adopt, initiate and innovate during their stay in the project.
Madina, Accra
Hosting Situation (Board & Lodging)

The project would provide accommodation for the volunteers. This can be either host family or live in the project. Volunteers must also bear in mind that, they would be sharing room with other volunteer. The project in collaboration with ICYE GHANA will make provision for their feeding during Exchanges stay in Ghana.