Welcome to Knowledge Garden Education Centre

The School provides Crèche education for the children in the community

We enable the kids to play and learn independently and yet be able to share and cooperate with others. Also, teach them the sense of respect and self confidence yet be aware of the needs of others. We give the kids the knowledge of skills and practical activities.

Volunteer Tasks
- Assisting the teachers in the class rooms
- Taking care of the kids, cleaning/ dressing
- Playing with the children and keeping them safe
- Helping to prepare snacks for the children during break time
- Helping kids who need special care or attention in certain subjects
- Helping also to tidy up the classroom

It is a small community with a population of about 200 in habitant. Most people there are mostly traders and farmers.

Volunteer Requirements / Skills
• We would like to host an English & French native speaker.
• She also should be motivated to work with children, be able to work independent and to bring Enthusiasm and motivation to the project.
• Creativity, being spontaneous, or to have a musical sense is also more than welcome.
• As we run the school and the kindergarten environmental friendly, you should be open or have an ecological attitude.
• The working language is English.

Location Kasoa Millennium City

Host family:
The volunteers will be staying with a host family outside the project.