Christ Love educational complex

A private School in Dompoase , which is a small village in the south east of Kumasi.


The school seeks to expose the children to different people with different socio-cultural backgrounds to develop their understanding of other people and their interpersonal relations and team spirit.
Such interactions can also boost inter-cultural exchanges, experience and ideas sharing between the volunteers and the school community.

Special areas where volunteers’ interests will be of maximum benefit are

1. Information Communication Technology (ICT)
2. Teaching of Phonics and Numerals at preschool department,
3. Teaching of English Language and Mathematics to 3rd to 6th grades.
4. Attending to little children in crèche.
5. Providing administrative or accounting services.

Volunteer tasks

- Assisting the teacher in the class room.
- Taking care of the children.
- Playing with the children and keeping them safe.
- Helping to prepare snakes for the children during break time.
- Helping to change their uniform into their house attire, if they come to school and after school.
- Helping student who need special care or attention in some related subject class.
- Provide formal and informal primary education. This includes teaching subjects that are in the school curriculum examples are English and Mathematics, science
- Helping also to tidy up the School compound.
- Providing counselling to the youth of the school.

Volunteers Requirement

Volunteers should like to work with students, maturity and initiative spirit. Fluent English .
Age: 20 and over. - Minimum stay preferred 6 months.

Location: Kumasi (Ashanti Region)

The school will provide all volunteers with accommodation and meals .However, the school does not pay salaries to any volunteer.